How to Register an FTP Site

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It's an Internet protocol that allows you to transfer files to and from the Web and share information between computers. Registering an FTP site requires that you register the domain name associated with the FTP. If you have a website address, such as "," the FTP site address will be "" You should already have a web hosting account to save files on your FTP site. You'll need to create a user name and password for your FTP account to manage files on the Web server.

How to Register Your Own Website Domain

Even if you're not quite ready to launch a snazzy new website, registering your own website domain name is the first step to creating your own corner of cyberspace. A domain name that reflects your point of view, your business or your product gives you credibility from the public by making you appear more professional. Using keywords in your domain name that reflect your business or product can help drive traffic to your site through search engines and make your site easy for customers to remember. Choosing the right name is the first, and often the hardest, step in registering your domain name.

How to Transfer Web Domains for Free or Cheap

Take advantage of special offers by transferring your Web domain name to a different registrar when it's time to renew it. The domain transfer itself is free, although you'll have to pay to extend the domain-name registration for at least one year. Many registrars discount the renewal fee by as much as 30 percent in order to get your business. You can transfer a domain to another registrar at any time, provided the domain has been registered for a minimum of 60 days.

How to Register a Domain Name With an IP Address

Domain names allow individuals or companies to post their own websites, have personalized email addresses based on the domain names, and do business on the Internet. Examples of domain names are and When you put up a website, the web-hosting company provides an Internet Protocol address, which is a set of numbers that pinpoint your site on the Internet. It is possible, however, to supply your own IP address, called a static IP. This can provide flexibility for gamers, allow web hosting from your computer or make connecting to a virtual network simpler.

Where to Build a Cheap Website

Building a website, especially a business page, can be an expensive experience. A good web designer can charge a flat project fee, or they can charge per hour. The most important part of building a cheap website is having a web hosting plan and domain name. You should purchase these on your own, so that you have 100 percent control over the services---and that it is registered in your name.

How to Find Hidden Web Pages

The Web links documents to one another, but -- by accident or design -- some pages are occasionally lost in the shuffle. Sometimes a Web page edit deletes the last link to another page and now it's hidden. There's a good chance you can still find it unless it has been removed from the Web server.

How to Pick a Website Builder

A website builder enables even the novice to create a unique, professional-looking website without having to master HTML code, website hosting, file transfers and other tasks. Instead, the new webmaster can concentrate on creating quality content and building a web presence for a business, hobby or interest. The best website builder will also make the new site search-engine friendly, provide statistics as to the site's traffic and page hits. Simply put, a good website builder is multi-faceted and enables success with a small learning curve.

How to Ping the Crawler

A search engine's crawler -- also known as a spider or robot-- "crawls" the Internet, reading Web pages and looking for new and changed content. To be listed in a search engine's index, your pages must be crawled. Google and other large search engines have optimized their crawlers to find content very quickly on their own. Those search engines do not accept direct notifications, known as pings. However, you can alert a crawler to the existence of a new or updated page.

How to Send an Email to Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is a Web browsing option created by the non-profit organization Mozilla. The Mozilla website states that the organization's goal is to "promote openness, innovation and opportunity on the web" by creating free, downloadable software. Firefox offers users numerous ways to contact the parent organization Mozilla by email; the exact email address differs depending upon the purpose of your message.

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